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About OpenCDN

OpenCDN is a shared infrastructure initiative that helps CDNs to reach Brazilian Internet users with low delay and high quality. It does that lowering the barriers to the CDNs to install their own cache servers in shared infrastructures, that are connected to a growing number of's IXPs. With OpenCDN, a single cache infrastructure is used by the various ISPs connected to the Internet Traffic Exchange Point, helping to rationalize and organize the Internet infrastructure, helping to make it faster, more resilient and less expensive. READ MORE

OpenCDN concept OpenCDN concept e working for the good of the Internet in Brazil

The multisectoral model of brings together various sectors, society and government, to establish strategic directives related to the use and development of the Internet in Brazil. and act in technical matters, recommend procedures for safety and publishes national research indicators on the availability and use of Internet in Brazil.


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